I’m unconventional

I’m a morning person and if you’re a morning person you have to find more of your kind or you screw up cornflakes time for other people.

A Day in Hanoi

She glanced my way, reaching to the little table by the window and taking the last bottle of water. We both knew it was mine. She tore off the plastic seal, twisted the cap and drank with long, deep gulps. Thus ended a minor series of squabbles that had consumed our entire journey. I’d arrived at Hanoi Station … Continue reading A Day in Hanoi

Sapa, Vietnam

I felt sad to leave Sapa. It’s always a shame leaving new friends and a place you’ve fallen in love with, but I’d been there for 11 days and nobody wants to be the hostel granddad. It’s the faces that make a place. Ally and Justin at the hostel, the woman who cheerfully sold me … Continue reading Sapa, Vietnam