Hosting multiple websites on CoreOS with systemd, docker-compose and nginx

I recently bought a linode virtual host and want to use it for cheap website hosting. Coming from a heroku-is-king, cattle-not-pets, saved-nothing, github-first happy-place where Procfile is your friend and /proc is a fib, I’m now so deep inside the virtualisation tesseract I can see days of the week in colours that don’t have names … Continue reading Hosting multiple websites on CoreOS with systemd, docker-compose and nginx

Outrage tokens

I reckon that there’s only so much room in your life for hate. Not in a save-the-whales, where-have-all-the-flowers-gone sense, just that you’d never get anything done if you hated all kinds of shit. I’m not a fan of, let’s say, cricket. I pretend can’t stand cricket. Fake despise it. The bats, the balls, the running around – it drives me (not … Continue reading Outrage tokens


Bangalore is kinda wild. It’s a city best described by what it isn’t: quiet, slow, old. Bangalore is a bit like Bangkok in that you’re constantly left wondering how it all works – like how does everything keep running? There are cables hanging loose off lampposts, cows meandering down the street. The streets! Cars and motorbikes and … Continue reading Bangalore


I’m in Ghana working with ELiTE (“Emerging Leaders in Technology and Engineering”), a charity that engages with communities around the world to bring STEM knowledge to children. I met Chelsey, the co-founder, in New York last year and begged him to let me come and help with the summer program he runs here. In a … Continue reading Ghana

Scalia 1.0

Associate Justice Antonin Scalia died a few short weeks ago. I know we’ve all been pecking around for a way to immortalise the man, so I’d like to humbly suggest a change to the name of a popular programming language. I hereby present Scalia 1.0. The Scalia language is defined by the principles of immutability and … Continue reading Scalia 1.0


Name Otterate – bring OtterLike semantics to Scala strings. Synopsis Description The otterator brings the curiosity and playful antics of nature’s water dogs to Scala strings. Otters are hard-working, carefree and occasionally obfuscated. The otterator is left-binding and intensely communicative. An otter is for life, therefore premature GC is discouraged. See also The lesser spotted right binding … Continue reading Otterator

It’s not fair.

Write an opinion article (i.e. an analysis suitable for readers of a serious newspaper) of no more than 500 words on one of the following subjects: How best to judge whether government policies are helping or harming the economy. or Whether free markets have come to play too big a role in the organisation of society, … Continue reading It’s not fair.