Raspberry pie

In my writing I use too many bad analogies, like a man with a sack full of potatoes. I bought a raspberry pi. I love the idea and the tech is cool and sometimes the best way to support that kind of work is with the cold hard stuff. So now I have this thing … Continue reading Raspberry pie

Adam Smith and the IDE

Adam Smith, in the Wealth of Nations: “This great increase in the quality of work, which, in consequence of the division of labour, the same number of people are capable of performing, is owing to three different circumstances; first, to the increase of dexterity in every particular workman; secondly, to the saving of time which … Continue reading Adam Smith and the IDE

More links

Learn haskell by comparison: http://tartarus.org/~martin/PorterStemmer/ How Porsche screwed hedge funds: Short Squeeze Matt highlights the folly of MEF: Microsoft slip something into their System namespace, then decide to replace it with something that works in a different way. When will they learn? Windows 7? Don’t bother.


If you’ve done any GUI programming at all, you’ll have come across a pattern like .NET’s System.ComponentModel.ISynchronizeInvoke. The problem it solves is fairly simple, yet only appears in a multi-threaded environment. There’s one thread (it’s usually the first one created when the application starts, or at least the one that calls the entrypoint) that is … Continue reading ISynchronizeInvoke

C# Language Features

Anders Hejlsberg didn’t take up my suggestions for new language features in C# 4.0, damn him. Instead we’re stuck with the moronic dynamic, a nod of the head towards stupidity and indolence. The idea is that it’ll be easier to do some things which are currently fairly difficult, like interop with COM, and with dynamic … Continue reading C# Language Features