When I was fifteen I went to the assembly rooms in Lancaster and spent fifty quid on a long black leather coat. I wore it everywhere – to university at Manchester and for five years working in London. I loved that coat, it was real vintage. The label inside the collar said, in small type: … Continue reading Expat.

Adam Smith and the IDE

Adam Smith, in the Wealth of Nations: “This great increase in the quality of work, which, in consequence of the division of labour, the same number of people are capable of performing, is owing to three different circumstances; first, to the increase of dexterity in every particular workman; secondly, to the saving of time which … Continue reading Adam Smith and the IDE


I’m lucky enough to be learning German, though I’m afraid I’m not very good. When I was in high school I spent hours memorising verben, but now I’ve not got the aptitude or the patience. My tutor gets exasperated because I’ve learned some handy answers to all her questions in the lesson. Mostly everything seems … Continue reading Unification