Saigon is a city with an identity crisis. On the one hand it’s the largest, most modern city in Vietnam, a poster boy for the modern communist state and the face of the country to the world, whilst on the other it’s the historical capital, stuffed with grand French architecture and a rich, varied and fairly … Continue reading Saigon


I came back to Thailand to satisfy my desire to pick food out of my food.

Mekong delta

The Mekong delta, named after the American airline that sponsored the regeneration of the area after the war, is the largest tidal delta in Southern Vietnam.

A Day in Hanoi

She glanced my way, reaching to the little table by the window and taking the last bottle of water. We both knew it was mine. She tore off the plastic seal, twisted the cap and drank with long, deep gulps. Thus ended a minor series of squabbles that had consumed our entire journey. I’d arrived at Hanoi Station … Continue reading A Day in Hanoi

Sapa, Vietnam

I felt sad to leave Sapa. It’s always a shame leaving new friends and a place you’ve fallen in love with, but I’d been there for 11 days and nobody wants to be the hostel granddad. It’s the faces that make a place. Ally and Justin at the hostel, the woman who cheerfully sold me … Continue reading Sapa, Vietnam

Feed The Poor

The Atlantic weighed in on the new French solution to the apparent food crisis, and they nailed it. Before we get started though, let’s all take a moment to recognise how ridiculous the French situation is – forcing supermarkets to “donate” wasted food to farmers for agricultural use. Is there any reason French farmers need greater … Continue reading Feed The Poor

Sofa for sale

Are you sitting comfortably? Probably not as comfortably as me because y’all aren’t resting your sweet cheeks on this CUSTOM PRICERITE L-SHAPED BITCH OF A SOFA which I’m giving away for FREE – that’s right FREE – the EXACT. RIGHT. PRICE.