I’m lucky enough to be learning German, though I’m afraid I’m not very good. When I was in high school I spent hours memorising verben, but now I’ve not got the aptitude or the patience. My tutor gets exasperated because I’ve learned some handy answers to all her questions in the lesson. Mostly everything seems … Continue reading Unification

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Learn haskell by comparison: http://tartarus.org/~martin/PorterStemmer/ How Porsche screwed hedge funds: Short Squeeze Matt highlights the folly of MEF: Microsoft slip something into their System namespace, then decide to replace it with something that works in a different way. When will they learn? Windows 7? Don’t bother.


If you’ve done any GUI programming at all, you’ll have come across a pattern like .NET’s System.ComponentModel.ISynchronizeInvoke. The problem it solves is fairly simple, yet only appears in a multi-threaded environment. There’s one thread (it’s usually the first one created when the application starts, or at least the one that calls the entrypoint) that is … Continue reading ISynchronizeInvoke


It’s the Feast of the Epiphany today, so a little more poetry. Then that’s it for this year, promise. This is the Journey of the Magi by T. S. Eliot. Eliot converted to Christianity in 1927 and published this poem three years later. It’s a description of that arduous journey from the point of view … Continue reading Epiphany