The bells of waiting Advent ring, The Tortoise stove is lit again And lamp-oil light across the night Has caught the streaks of winter rain In many a stained-glass window sheen From Crimson Lake to Hookers Green. Christmas is one of John Betjeman’s most openly religious poems, and one of my favourites. Published in A … Continue reading Christmas

Silly season

It’s silly season at work. There are two every year. In the summer, the place is quiet because the staff with children take the opportunity to go on two-week summer holidays. Nothing gets done, so you can plan ahead and get a stack of things ready to do then. It’s a good time to work … Continue reading Silly season


It’s a common theme (at least in the UK) that people bemoan the passing of ‘institutions’ like Woolies, yet never went and bought anything when it was open. We saw this over the last decade with small high-street shops going under whilst superstores and chain retailers survived, because they were able to use their colossal … Continue reading Woolworths

C# Language Features

Anders Hejlsberg didn’t take up my suggestions for new language features in C# 4.0, damn him. Instead we’re stuck with the moronic dynamic, a nod of the head towards stupidity and indolence. The idea is that it’ll be easier to do some things which are currently fairly difficult, like interop with COM, and with dynamic … Continue reading C# Language Features

Live entertainment

I’ve been to the opera two or three times, and always enjoyed it. When I was a student in Manchester we saw the Chisinau National Opera perform Tosca, and fell in love with the wonderful sacristan in the first act. Afterwards we’d walk up Peter St and past the Midland Hotel to Oxford St and … Continue reading Live entertainment