A perennial question on messageboards, BBSs, and mailing lists of a certain kind is “what music do you tend to listen to when coding?” I’m a fairly lazy listener, so my answer tends to be “whatever’s on”. But Apple’s Genius Playlist feature has revolutionised the way I listen to music. I’ve never really bothered with … Continue reading Genius

Hiring good developers

Hiring good developers is hard. It turns out, there just aren’t that many out there. Occasionally, you’ll get lucky. You’ll look further afield and find a pocket of clever people, but you’ll bring them all in on tasty salaries, only to find that they all clock off at five pm, or they want to re-write … Continue reading Hiring good developers

Multicolr search

This is one of the prettiest things i’ve seen on the web in quite a while: Multicolr Search lab The team from Idée Inc. use Flickr’s API to generate a large corpus of ‘interesting’ images. Then they filter based on colour to show similar images. Further, their technology ‘Piximilar’ finds images that look like an … Continue reading Multicolr search