C# 4.0 Wishlist

Everyone under the sun has done one of these, so I’m going to change tack a little. Two things I wish Hejlsberg would nick from F# for C# 4.0: Tuples – simple, ad-hoc types with members accessed by order rather than by name. Take the example of being able to return a host/port pair. In … Continue reading C# 4.0 Wishlist

F# on Monodevelop

From Don Syme’s F# blog: Wildart has released an F# extension for Monodevelop, allowing .NET developers on platforms other than Windows to embrace functional programming. This is great news! The F# team have worked hard to ensure Mono compatibility with the F# compiler, interpreter, and libraries, and it’s great to see that the Mono community … Continue reading F# on Monodevelop

Little Plastic Squares

I’m a .NET developer, and I work in a large financial institution in London. I don’t think I can reveal who I am, but I won’t be posting anything work specific anyway, so I’m not too worried about concealing my identity. Little Plastic Squares won’t be too much more than a collection of links and … Continue reading Little Plastic Squares